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This work utilizes debris collected after Hurricane Sandy hit Langsam’s hometown in Northern New Jersey in the fall of 2012. The central point of the sculpture comes from a cherry tree that was uprooted during the storm in the front yard of the house she grew up in. 


“I was happy to have the opportunity to put a positive spin on something that affected so many people negatively so close to home. This project shows that there is beauty to be found even amongst the worst destruction.” 


Utilizing a root structure for the core of this project allows viewers the opportunity to see and interact with parts of trees that are traditionally hidden from view. The use of a variety of tree types can be seen it the different colored branches that have been shaved of their bark, and are intertwined with the roots. 

Tis piece was first exhibited at The University of Delaware and later at Chesterwood National Trust for Historic Preservation in Stockbridge, MA

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