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Sarah Langsam is a teaching artist who works one-on-one with students in their homes. She is an approved vendor through The New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).


Langsam has a hands-on style of instructing, working collaboratively with her students to help them create a variety of artwork. Students create two and three-dimensional pieces in materials including, but not limited to, paint, pastel, fibers, clay, and recycled materials. Check out the student artwork gallery to see project examples.


Langsam holds a BFA in fine art and has cultivated her educator skills through many years of experience. She started her teaching business in January 2020, prior to which, she was working at Arts Unbound, an organization that offered one-on-one art instruction to disabled individuals. She’s taught at Fusion Academy, a private school for

6th – 12th graders where students receive one-on-one instruction, lead classes at Jespy House Day Habilitation Program, and instructed a weekly class for adults with disabilities though the Monmouth County Parks System. 


In addition to teaching one-on-one, Langsam is currently working as a teaching artist for The Rainbow Thursdays Artists Program at the Windmill Center for Developmentally Disabled Adults.

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