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"I love working with Sarah.  We do painting, pottery, and even

card making.  She is very nice and she is helping me become a great artist."

- Kevin, 25

"I love working with Sarah Because she is funny and fun to work with. She makes incredible art and she is a great inspiration to all around her. And she is an incredible teacher. I’m grateful to be

her student."

-Jessica, 30

"Not many people are flexible enough or can think outside of the box to help Brian learn to the best of his ability.  Sarah has that gift.  She is patient, kind and dedicated to making sure that Brian is creating something that he wants to make and not just going with the flow.  Brian is visually impaired, and it takes a special person to help him "see" better.  Brian's dad and I are so proud of him and the work that he is doing with Sarah!"

-Karen, parent

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